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Get Customer Feedback with WhatsApp for Business in Zambia

One of the great things about having a more intimate relationship with your customers is that you can take the interaction and participation to the next level. By actively including your customers in the creation and build process of your product or service you can strengthen that relationship very easily, while at the same time learn a lot of interesting information.

Using Icono Global WhatsApp Business solutions can be an inexpensive and quick way to do some research and generate customer feedback in Zambia.

Not sure what kind of flavours you should add to your store? Ask your customers on WhatsApp and receive responses in minutes.

Want to know which feature you should work on next for your startup? Ask your customers.

Instead of having to call an individual customer, or send an email hoping they would read it, you can create questions for your customers. Customer participation is always a great way to get relevant answers for your business.

Using the feedback you get from these chats, you can make changes to your offering and set up promotions for specific products. Be sure to make the conversation as natural as possible though; you don’t want to become intrusive so that they might start to block you again.

And of course don’t forget to reward your most loyal responders with special offers and coupons to encourage future engagement, long-term customer retention and brand loyalty.

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