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Facebook Marketing: Why Businesses in Zambia Need it in 2019

Facebook Marketing, Facebook Management, Facebook Advertising in Lusaka, Zambia for businesses in Zambia

Expanding Business ads for brands in Zambia

More people are sharing photos, videos and text in across Facebook than ever before. In fact, 68{52d347b936d436f4bfad6bd6911a3e654416ae4607907c103de3b64cddff1320} of people that use Facebook’s family of apps say they use Facebook at least three times a day, and 63{52d347b936d436f4bfad6bd6911a3e654416ae4607907c103de3b64cddff1320} plan to use Facebook more in the future. Since the launch of Instagram Stories ads, social media advertisers such as Icono Global have also embraced the format and are creating engaging ads for brands in Zambia that drive business results. We’re excited to bring Facebook Stories ads to brands in Zambia and help them meet more customers.

More people are seeing Facebook adverts daily!!

Facebook Stories is now an additional placement businesses in Zambia can add to their Facebook Advertising campaigns. This means businesses can deliver ads in the same full-screen, immersive environment on Facebook. Ads in Facebook Stories also support the same objective, targeting and measurement capabilities used in Instagram Stories ads.

Along with automatic placements, businesses in Zambia will able to deliver Stories ads where they’re most likely to drive the campaign results they want. This gets them the best return on ad spend while reaching their target audiences and optimising performance in real time across Facebook and Instagram.

Take advantage of more advertising reach with immersive Facebook ads that reach your best customers where they are. Visit Icono Global for more information about Facebook Advertising.